2019 Birthday Party Packs

Over 50 years ago, Tom Hartness (who founded Pepsi Cola of Greenville in 1940) started a program to recognize boys and girls on their 6th birthday. Pepsi Greenville is proud to continue this tradition today. If you live in the Greenville or Laurens counties in South Carolina and have a child turning 6 years old, he or she can be a member of the Pepsi Birthday Club. Membership includes a FREE birthday party package, which comes in a cool box and includes:

  • 12 Pepsi Cans
  • 12 Pepsi Balloons (not inflated)
  • 12 Pepsi Pencils
  • 12 Pepsi Tattoos
  • A Pepsi party birthday certificate
  • 4 Vouchers to the Greenville Zoo
  • 4 Vouchers to a Greenville Drive or Greenville Swamp Rabbits game, depending on the time of year
  • Coupon for 6 free cupcakes, provided by Ingles
  • Coupon for 12 small ice cream cups, provided by Ingles

These items are a fun birthday surprise or a great addition to a party for your 6 year old! To get a Pepsi Party Pack, simply bring your child’s birth certificate to our office located at 751 State Park Road, Greenville, SC 29609. Your child can receive the party package the month of or the month after his or her 6th birthday. Pepsi Party Packs are available during the first full week of the month between 1 – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please park in front of the building and come to the front office. The monthly schedule is listed below.

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2019 Dates

Sign up for you child’s party package within the following date ranges:

January 7-11, 2019

February 4-8, 2019

March 4-8, 2019

April 1-5, 2019

May 6-10, 2019

June 3-7, 2019

July 1-5, 2019 (closed July 4th)

August 5-9, 2019

September 3-6, 2019

October 7-11, 2019

November 4-8, 2019

December 2-6, 2019


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