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A LOT of people are up in arms about Facebook's new messenger, but even if you just have regular old day to day Facebook it can be dangerous. It's all how you use it.


A survey by Cosmo reveals that 15% of men have hooked up with someone they've met on Facebook. Fifteen percent? Those are the ones that are being honest!

But, Facebook isn't the only way guys are hooking up:

18% of married men would like to sleep with a female co-worker.

- 50% of engaged men would like to sleep with a female friend

- 32% of committed men want to sleep with a friend of their partner's (think about that one for a minute. WHO would your hubby wanna sleep with?)

- 3% of men claim they have slept with over 100 women (hahahaa! Right!)

- 42% of men have cheated because they were bored. Wow.