Bogus. Do we really believe a man wants HONESTY? Ok, eventually he does, but when he sees you across the room and he is interested do you think it is because you have honest eyes? Nope. Am I jaded? Possibly. I found a great man who DOES want those things, but the first time he saw me, there had to be some sort of physical attraction. We are human, after all.

Here is what a recent survey found that men are looking for.

  • A cheerful woman: No one wants a gloomy guss.
  • A well-dressed, attractive woman: Sure, everyone's idea of what is attractive is different – but looking your best is an important part of attracting the opposite sex. Put some effort into your appearance when you go out!  Ding, Ding, Ding! Told ya!
  • A seductive voice: Don't try to change your voice, but a soft whisper in the ear when appropriate goes a long way.
  • A flirt: Flirting is fun, and a woman a man can have fun with is always a keeper
  • Kindness: Being a good person is important in friends and in romantic partners
  • Honesty: Playing games is not a good way to start something with a man. Be honest and be yourself – that's hot! (YourTango)