Photo Credit:Getty Images

Former Dancing With The Stars Co-host Samantha Harris underwent a double

mastectomy last month and now news is the cancer has spread.

Samantha says, "When I came to in recovery, my surgeon was standing over me with a look of sadness and told me that he had to take out all of my lymph nodes."

But during the mastectomy, doctors discovered that the cancer spread beyond Harris' breasts and they were forced to do further testing. "A few days later I got some good news. Thankfully, only one node was positive. Unfortunately, that usually means chemo," Harris explained.

She goes on to say"I am scared by the prospect of chemo, but I know so many inspiring women who have gone through it and, as they told me, 'rocked it,'" she continued. "If I need it, I will take a deep breath and readjust my focus."

Harris, 40, added: "Stay positive. When life deals you lemons, you gotta make lemonade!"