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Who would name their kid SUBARU?? These are the most outrageous new baby names taken from MSN and the Social Security office. These are the names and the number of how many in the US have the name.



Vanellope, 63 (any idea where THIS comes from)

Pistol, 9

Happiness, 8

Envie, 7 (Wow, let's name our kid one of the 7 deadly up, Sloth)

Prim, 7 (Hunger Games, obviously)

Rarity, 7

Ransom, 5

Rebelle, 5 (You're really setting yourself up with this one)

Snowy, 5


Hatch, 8

Tuf, 8 (hahhaahaahaha!!!!)

Lloyal, 7

Psalms, 7

Charger, 6

Forever, 6

Kyndle, 6 (iphone anyone?)

Power, 6

Warrior, 6

Gospel, 5

Kaptain, 5

Subaru, 5 (5 people chose this name?)

Vice, 5