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These are pretty ridiculous reasons to cheat don't you think? I mean, there is NEVER a reason to cheat, but these take the cake.


A new survey by the dating site Victoria Milan reveals that 73% of people cheat because of their partner’s irritating qualities. Other findings:

Top 10 Things Men Do That Cause Women To Cheat

1. Lack of sense of humor 19% --Did he suddenly lose it after you said I do?

2. Lack of understanding 16%

3. Not being good in bed 14% --It takes two, right?

4. Lack of good manners 11% --I'm sorry, you didn't use the correct fork. I had to sleep with that other guy.

5. Being lazy and lack of plans 10%

6. He doesn’t care about his appearance and he has poor hygiene 9%

7. Not being successful 7% --Remember, "For Better or For Worse?"

8. Being a disaster; not putting attention to details, obligations etc 5%

9. Not clean up after himself and he is a mama's boy 5%

10. Being stingy 4%