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A pill to make you sing better? If I thought it was completely safe AND it would work, I would beg, borrow and possibly steal (no, I wouldn't!) for it!

Who hasn't dreamed of becoming a famous singer? Even as adults, it's easy to get wrapped up in a fantasy of being the next Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Unfortunately for most of us, singing in the shower or alone in the car is about as close to being a rock star as we'll get. Being blessed with perfect pitch and a good voice are sort of requirements for a career in the music industry. Science, however, may have a cure for your off key woes in the very near future.

One day you may be able to improve your pitch – and even acquire
perfect pitch – with little more than a pill. That's because researchers are studying a "mood-stabilizing" drug that enables an adult brain to
take in new information as it did during early childhood. The drug
"restores the plasticity of the brain to a juvenile state," which
allows you to actually train your brain to learn perfect pitch!

Plus, besides signing up for the next American Idol, these
drugs could make learning a new language super easy! (Newser)