How awesome is this -- YouTube stars are more popular than mainstream celebrities among U.S. teens. When you ask 13 through 17 year olds who they love in the media, they head straight to YouTube first.


Here are the celebrities most admired by U.S. teens


  1. Smosh - Online star

  2. The Fine Bros. - Online star

  3. PewDiePie - Online star

  4. KSI - Online star

  5. Ryan Higa - Online star

  6. Paul Walker - mainstream

  7. Jenniefer Lawrence - mainstream

  8. Shane Dawson - Online star

  9. Katy Perry - mainstream

  10. Steve Carell - mainstream

See the entire top 20 here

This is the guy my sons like. LeoKim produces crazy videos featuring Thomas the Tank Engine toys. There are over 5-million views to this video alone.