My son's little league team....go Thunder!

With the All-Star game tonight, it's time to recall the memories of little league. The BeacherReport has a list of things only people who played little league will remember.

  • Pizza parties.  The best part of the season was the pizza party with your teammates.

  • Postgame snacks. Fruit roll-ups, juice boxes, or maybe you hit the jackpot -- ice cream sandwiches! Finding out what was waiting at the end of the game was more exciting than the game!

  • Sprinting to get the foul ball. If someone hit it over the backstop, it was a full-on sprint against your buddies to get the ball

  • Excited about the little league world series.

  • Watching parents freak out. These are parents that put little league success over everything else. It's not a game for kids, but the most important thing anyone will ever do.

  • Trips to the batting cage

  • Big league chew. The greatest bubble gum ever.


Those are a few... get the entire list here. What else can you add?




  • Getting a coupon for a free cup of A&W root beer after the game. It felt the whole town was there.

  • Watching the person who thought they snagged the best parking spot at the field cringe when a foul ball sails over the backstop and into their windshield.

  • Wearing a team hat with a hair salon sponsor. I'm not kidding.